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Appliance Repair in Saskatoon

At Absolute Appliance Repair, we understand how frustrating it is when something breaks down—your home routine revolves around your appliances, so when the fridge or stove stops working, it causes a major disruption in your home. We make diagnosing and repairing the problem a top priority. Our parts and service are guaranteed. When you’re ready to make an upgrade, we’ll buy used appliances in good condition and we sell new appliances as well from brands such as Moffat, Hotpoint, and GE. Save money on brand new appliances with scratch and dent models. Absolute Appliance Repair in Saskatoon carries the following products:

  •  Refrigerators
  •  Freezers
  •  Washers
  •  Dryers
  •  Dishwashers
  •  Air Conditioners

Our friendly staff is always available to assist you. Call today to see our full inventory.

Appliances Our store carries new and used appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners from trusted brands such as GE, Moffat, and Hotpoint.
Repairs Absolute Appliance Repair can fix any problem with any appliance in your home. From dishwashers that are overflowing with suds to air conditioners that are blowing warm air, our experts will uncover the problem and fix it quickly for you.
Installations When you purchase an appliance from our store, we don’t leave you on your own to transport and install the item. Our technicians deliver, install, and connect any appliance, ensuring it works correctly before we leave.
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